The Importance of collaborative working in physiotherapy

Recently our lead Physio Sophie was invited to speak at a seminar hosted by London Sports Orthopaedics.

This seminar was to highlight the importance of collaborative, or multidisciplinary team working to gain success in complex patient cases. 

The idea of everyone working together is often a nice but neglected idea, due to time constraints and poor communication it can mean that a patient sees many different healthcare professionals without a key point of reference, or without communicating with each other traditionally in any health disorder as a patient your GP should be at the heart of the communication and will be sent copies of letters etc. to update him or her on the current situation. However, as we move further away from the old models of the NHS, unfortunately this tends to happen in reality less and less.

Within the physio world, it is often us who gets to see the patient the most and so sometimes it naturally falls to us to be the glue that holds the patient's case together. Obviously I am biased in this case but I believe this works really well for the patient with the physio at the centre of care. 

This presentation was to discuss how important collaborative working is, and it's being seen more and more that there are multiple practitioners involved with an individual patient. There can be Physiotherapists, Consultants and specialist doctors and Pain management specialists and even Psychiatrists in complex pain, or multiple trauma cases.

When the team come together that patient really benefits and studies have shown that this is elemental in recovery.