Common queries


At Apps Physiotherapy we need to assess you, this means we need to see where the problem is coming from and in doing so asking you to remove clothing. We may also need to see you in action to check bio mechanics and form. If for whatever reason you are not comfortable with this please let us know and we will work with you to overcome this.


All clinic payments can be made in cash or card, and for larger packages of treatment bank transfer details can be provided as necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Please note once Physiotherapy sessions have been booked 24 hours notice for cancellation is required. We understand if an emergency arises, but if this notice period is not provided then full payment of the length of session is expected within 2 weeks of the date of the original appointment.
For all block bookings, or packages of treatments payment in full must be made on the first session in order to guarantee the full booking.

Please note for some of our assessments we may need to film your movements, we will always ask you before we do this, by agreeing to be filmed you are also agreeing to let us use the images for social media and advertising our services at the clinic.

Can I use my personal insurance to cover my session?

The clinic is affiliated with the following insurance companies

We require your insurance details (membership details and authorisation for Physiotherapy code) prior to your appointment taking place.
Your policy will depict how many treatment sessions of Physiotherapy you are entitled to, then Apps Physiotherapy will directly invoice your insurance company, to make it simpler for you.
Your insurance may need to charge you excess payments depending on your policy and time of year you are utilising the services which are usually made to the treating Physiotherapy company and not to your insurer. Please check this with you individual policy and your provider. If you are claiming back your sessions through your insurer please let us know so we can issue you with receipts/invoices as necessary.

Packages of Treatment

We offer a discount on packages of treatments for anyone to use across their training season:

  • 5 treatments can be purchased for the price of 4, totalling £200 (£50 discount)