What to expect on your first visit

If you’ve never had physiotherapy before, or if you have had a bad experience in the past, it can be very daunting to take the first step and come and see us. We understand that you will have concerns and worries - Will it be painful?  Will it cause me more damage? Will it work for me? 



Rest assured that when it is done properly Physiotherapy is a very effective way to treat musculoskeletal pain, we cna get other medicla proffesionals invovled if necessaryto help take care of you in the right way.


This is the first step to figure out what has caused you problem or pain ( not everyone has pain) and involves talking through your story, your history and what has lead you to seek help for your needs. All the topics covered asked are confidential and necessary to help guide us in how to treat you the ebst that we can.


Treatment follows an assessment, and once we have an idea as to what is going on with you and your problem then we can treat it. We will test certian muscles or joints throuhg these sessions to know we are making a difference. Treatment may involve hands on mobilisations, or massage, stretches and teaching you exercises to try and regain balance, strength and feeling better as a whole.



Sports Massage

Massage treatments are used when we need to manipulate muscles, first by warming them and then rolling, stretching and using pressure to help promote better circulation to the area, and increase flexibility to the area. Sports massage are generally done by applying more pressure than in a relaxation type massage to get the most out of the muscle themselves.



During your sessions we will ask you to undress so please be prepared with appropriate clothing i.e. short and T-Shirt. If you don't feel comfortbale you cna always let us know and we will alter our treatment accordingly.